As a multipurpose dental company our practice is well known for providing dental treatments of the highest quality.


We try to give special attention to modern aspects of dentistry, so it follows that implantology has its own special place. Implant treatment is a painless, reliable, and long-term therapeutic method that can compensate for the loss of one or more teeth, or even complete edentulousness, with the goal of significantly improving a patient’s oral health and quality of life.

A dental implant acts as a tooth’s root and is usually shaped like a screw. It’s made of highly purified titanium and its alloys. This material is completely bio inert, which means the body will not treat it as a foreign body, and so there is no possibility of it being rejected or of any ensuing allergic reactions.

ceramic veneers (facets)

Facet treatment is a minimally invasive method that removes only a thin surface layer of the tooth, often without the need for anesthesia. Thus, the loss of a healthy tooth substance is minimal and the outcome of the treatment is maximised in aesthetic and functional terms.

A special advantage is that during the treatment planning stage the patient can see a study model of what their future teeth will look like, so that he or she is fully informed before they make the decision to opt for facet treatment.

In these situations treatment with ceramic veneers may be an option:


Contemporary aesthetic dentistry cannot be imagined without the use of non-metallic ceramic crowns (covers) in the prosthetic rehabilitation of your smile.

Non-metallic crowns do not contain a black metal base, and this enables them to have a transparency similar to natural teeth, as well as the maximum aesthetic effect. In cooperation with our experienced team of dental technicians, we can bring your restorations to life using advanced CAD/CAM technology, which involves an entirely computerized, swift and accurate production cycle.


It’s not the practice in our centre to work with amalgam (black) fillings because of their poor appearance and biomechanical properties. Thanks to the development of composite materials, as well as those based on glass ionomer cement, we are now able to provide patients with maximum-quality aesthetic restoration using a layered stacking technique, as well as modeling the specific shape of the teeth so that the finally sealed tooth is indistinguishable from a healthy one.


In a situation where a tooth is greatly damaged by decay, or the existing amalgam or composite fillings are inadequate, the ideal solution can be an inlay.

Inlays represent a step forward in modern dentistry compared to composite (white) fillings. The advantage is a more precise fabrication and marginal seal for these restorations; the aesthetic quality is higher, and the duration significantly longer compared to fillings.

The tooth preparation process is minimally invasive and entirely painless. Depending on
indications, inlays can be made of composite or ceramic materials.


In the bleaching process, we use pH neutral products with a controlled percentage of active chemical substances (hydrogen/carbamide peroxide),that even contribute to the prevention of decay.

An attractive smile and sparkling white teeth (the Hollywood smile) were once the privilege of a select few. Now, in a safe and accessible way you can enjoy the smile you’ve always wanted.

In our centre we use the reputable Opalescence (Ultradent Products Inc.) system for whitening teeth. There are two methods: professional whitening, which is carried out at the centre, and home whitening – carried out by the patient following instructions received from us. It is very important that the process be conducted under the supervision of a dentist.

root canal treatment

When dental decay has progressed to such an extent that it endangers the pulp, which is set in the center of the tooth, pulp inflammation (pulpitis) starts to develop. Endodontic treatment (popularly known as “nerve extraction”) is then required, after which the tooth is usually restored with a sealant. If most of the crown is damaged by decay, it becomes necessary to repair it with a suitable pin, which needs to be inserted into the root canal. If at this stage a patient fails to undergo treatment and prolongs the problem by taking painkillers, death of pulp tissue (dental gangrene) sets in, along with subsequent changes in the bone around the tip of the tooth root (granuloma, cyst), which then seriously complicates therapy and threatens the survival of the tooth.

In our centre, thanks to advanced technology and the use of modern materials, accurate, fast and painless root canal treatment is usually accomplished in a single visit, thus reducing stress to the maximum extent possible and saving the patient’s time.

Endodontic treatment includes:


Our company has a long term reputation as a successful practice in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of pathological conditions, tooth disorders, bone and soft tissues of the oral cavity, as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery. The most common oral surgical procedures include:

Periodontal disease treatment

Periodontal disease is a very common complaint today, and is expressed in the supporting tissues of the teeth whose function is to “hold” teeth in the jaw (periodontium). The first symptoms which can make you suspect that something is wrong with your gums include redness, bleeding when brushing your teeth, bad breath, and so on. These can indicate the initial stages of parodontopathy, but also the right moment to consult your dentist about adequate therapy.

After a thorough clinical and radiographic check-up, our team will propose appropriate therapy, which will provide the desired result. It is necessary to follow instructions strictly and adhere to oral hygiene measures in the way you’ve been instructed at our center. Treatment of periodontal disease, depending on its stage, can be conservative or surgical. It is important to emphasize that treatment with local anesthesia is PAINLESS for both approaches.

In order to stabilize the results, it is often necessary to splint the treated teeth, as that prevents further mobility in the function of chewing.

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