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The main reason why so many people decide to go abroad for medical services, is the cost. The affordable price level makes dental care of the highest international standards available to everyone. However, the price should not be the main factor to consider when deciding to have surgery abroad. Having dental surgery abroad is without a doubt a big decision and therefore the quality of care should be the most important factor to consider.

 It is understandable to be slightly concerned about going to the dentist in another country. But you need to know that there is also strong emphasis on good service and making the experience comfortable and enjoyable. Since most treatments will require an overnight stay, patients can also enjoy the sightseeing opportunities the city has to offer.

The reason why people can get cheaper dental treatments in Serbia is not, as one may believe, because of a lower standard of care. In actual fact, dental care prices depend more on the cost of living of a country. When property prices and wages are lower, dentists don’t have such high overheads and so can offer their services for less. The quality of service in our dental clinic exceeds the standards of many European clinics considering the newest technologies and equipment used by our highly educated and trained experts in all fields of dentistry. Do keep in mind that not all dentists in Serbia have made this investment in technology, training and facilities. This means you shouldn’t just go for the cheapest treatment you can find. Do your own research by checking our website, social media profiles, reviews and feel free to ask plenty of questions to ensure your chosen clinic offers the standard of care you need.

 If you’d like to get an idea of the costs for the dental work you need, you can request a free quotation now. Just enter a few details and you’ll soon hear back from us about treatment costs and all the other details. 


We are closer to you than you think. We are located in Central Europe – Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Belgrade is only a couple of hours flight from major European cities which makes it easily approachable to all clients. It takes 1 ½ hours from Zurich, Switzerland; 2 ½ hours from London, UK and around 5 hours with excellent connection from Dublin, Ireland.

And, your first flight ticket is for FREE!

Here are some of the most important reasons why people choose Fly2Smile dental care:

  • Price: Probably the main reason why people choose to do dental treatments with us is the money they save when compared to private treatment in the UK, Ireland or Switzerland especially for dental implants and crowns which can cost thousands of pound, euros or francs.
  • Training and qualifications: We are proud to have a highly educated and professional team of staff and doctors that are members of the most valuable associations in dentistry. Our doctors have many years of experience and use the latest technologies. We offer various dental services. Regardless of the nature of your problem – dental surgery, dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, dentures, crowns, restorative dentistry, root canals – we can fix it all for you.
  • Quality of materials: Our clinic follows the EU Health standards and uses only the highest quality of materials, giving a warranty to our clients for it. The materials that we use are recognized and manufactured in the EU. We have never and will never use low quality materials and unknown brands of implants. We only work with the best – Straumman, Nobel Bio-Care and Neodent implants that have a lifetime guarantee.
  • Speed of treatment: NHS waiting times are notoriously long – not what you want when you have a toothache. Rather than wait months for treatment in your home country, you may receive dental treatment in our clinic in a matter of days.
  • Complete dedication: There is a strong emphasis on customer care and making the experience a pleasant one, so we take care of everything for you. We make your journey to your new bright white smile less stressful and care-free, taking care of the whole trip simply by offering the full package. You don’t have to take care of your flight tickets, accommodation or transportation because we do that for you!
  • Location: Belgrade is just few hours away from major European cities. Great connections make Belgrade easily approachable to all clients – just 2 ½ hours by plane from the UK or 1½ hours from Switzerland it’s possible to complete consultations and some treatments even without an overnight stay. Patients that come from Ireland need around 5 hours with great connection, usually arriving around midday.

  • Sightseeing: Explore Belgrade and all it has to offer! As one of Europe’s oldest cities, located at the crossroads of the East and West, the capital of Serbia is an incredibly rich mosaic of different cultures, influences and styles with a mysterious and exotic atmosphere. European but with oriental influences, Belgrade is a great weekend break, with tons of interesting sights and attractions, splendid architecture, a fast-paced nightlife, great and affordable shopping, as well as a thriving cultural scene.
  • Communication: Our entire team is fluent in English. People in our team speak Italian, German, Spanish, Greek and French. If we don’t manage to speak your language fluently, we will organize a translator for you. As for the city of Belgrade you will have no difficulties getting around because everyone speaks English.

To make sense of how the entire process actually works, you can check our step by step guide here. CHECK HERE

Remember, you can always ask for a free quotation here GET QUOTATION

You might be surprised at how much you can save by travelling to
get dental care in Belgrade with Fly2Smile!

It’s not a secret that cosmetic dental work can get very expensive in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland and other European countries since it’s usually not covered by the NHS. To make treatment more affordable, you should consider visiting our clinic for dental implants, veneers, crowns and other treatments. Patients can typically save a huge 50-70% by doing dental treatments with Fly2Smile.

It might not make sense to jump on a plane for a root canal alone, but considering the differences in price comparing to your country, it is definitely worth it, even for only few teeth that need work. Not to mention the major reconstruction including implants, crowns and surgeries such as bone augmentation, sinus lift and other, that most patients are coming for.
Our patients confirm they actually received better service with us than in their own country – the clinic is more efficient, and the overall experience is much more pleasant for the patients since everything is dedicated to them. Before and after the dental procedures patients have additional care and availability of our team 24/7.

Since you get the full package from us with hardly anything left to arrange yourself, the process is smooth and hassle-free. This can appeal to people who are slightly nervous about getting dental implants abroad in the first place. We have a personal and friendly approach that is very appreciated by our clients.
Our clinic follows the EU Health standards and uses only the highest quality of materials, giving warranty to our clients for it. The materials that we use are recognized and manufactured in the EU. We have never and will never use low quality materials and unknown brands of implants. We only work with the best – Straumman, Nobel Bio-Care and Neodent implants that have a lifetime guarantee.
From our doctors, lab technicians and even our support staff, our entire team is dedicated to providing you with any help and assistance you may need. Our highly qualified doctors have years of experience and have studied at some of the best dentistry universities. They are highly specialized in implant dentistry and oral surgery. We are dedicated to making you feel comfortable and safe and our highly skilled doctors are our biggest asset when it comes to that!
That’s what we are here for – to understand your wishes, needs and condition and to deliver the best dental treatment plan for you. You will help us do that by providing us with all the information regarding your condition and health status, habits and details about issues you might have. Sending us a few photos of your smile with a bite is also helpful. Have in mind that the only way to fully understand your condition is to have your Panoramic X-ray. If you need help with booking it, you can always count on us.

For a quotation you can easily contact us here


Or you can schedule a call by leaving your phone number and a time that is most convenient for you and one of our polite consultants will contact you for all the information.

We start the procedure of preparing your quotation by asking you for a panoramic dental X-ray so that we can assess your oral health condition. Although this doesn’t replace a consultation, it gives us enough information to provide a cost estimate for the treatment you need. Also, photos of your smile with a bite and with an open mouth is additional help for understanding the condition of your teeth, as well as all the information about your condition, needs and wishes. We will come up with the best dental treatment plan for you with the price we think you will find attractive.

Panoramic x-rays are particularly helpful for planning dental treatments, since they show the whole mouth and the position of each tooth and its root. Our doctors are able to see between and inside your teeth. They can also check the bone underneath your gums – places not normally visible to the naked eye. X- rays also help our dentists in diagnosing any specific or isolated dental problems you might be experiencing. We care about your health and we don’t want to guess what is the treatment you need. Your wishes can be one but the situation you have with your teeth might differ. Therefore, only by checking your X-ray before your arrival we can confirm the dental treatment plan. If you need help with booking it at your local X-ray center, you can always count on us. Feel free to contact us and get help with booking an X-ray in your country.


We provide extensive warranty coverage for our services.


The warranty will be considered valid if the patient adheres to the instructions given by our dentists.

The following warranties are valid: 

  • Metal-ceramic and zircon-ceramic crowns and abutment – 3 years
  •  Nobel Biocare implants – lifetime guarantee (manufacturer’s warranty)
  •  Straumann implants – lifetime guarantee (manufacturer’s warranty)
  •  Neodent implants – lifetime guarantee (manufacturer’s warranty)
  •  Mobile dentures – 2 years
The warranty will not be considered valid in the following cases:
  •  Prosthetic work gets damaged due to incorrect use or not adhering to the
  • recommendation of usage (breakage due to a fall, breakage due to biting a solid
  • object, etc.)
  • The patient does not adhere to the dentist’s recommendations related to oral
  • hygiene
  • The patient does not show up for the check up at least once during a 12 month
  • period
  • The patient has an illness which has influence on the state of teeth, gums, bones
  • and jaw
  •  The patient receives treatment at another dental clinic before the complaint
  •  Damage occurs due to a sport injury, fall or due to influence of another person
  •  Abuse of tobacco and narcotics
  •  Damage due to bruxism
  •  Complaints related to teeth whitening
  •  Complaints related to a patient’s previous choice of teeth color (Patient may
  • choose a color of her teeth during prosthetic work. We cannot be held liable for
  • the patient’s bad choice.)
  •  Complaints related to the work done on the root of a tooth (Endodontic is an
  • intervention with a high risk of failure. Due to the anatomical differences, even
  • with the most advanced technology available we cannot guarantee success for
  • this intervention.)
  •  Payment obligations are not fully settled.

If you are coming from any European country you don’t need a visa to travel to Serbia. You can use your passport or only an ID card.

If your treatment involves implants you need to come to our clinic twice and that is: 1 st time for implant placement which can take 2-4 days and the second time – usually after 3-4 months of healing period for final work, and that takes 5-10 days (depending on the treatment). If the treatment involves only crowns then one visit is enough and depending on the treatment planned you will stay 4-10 days. Once you receive the offer from us you will have a detailed dental treatment plan with the number of days needed for it to be done.

We take care of your whole trip simply by offering a full travel package. You don’t have to take care of your flight tickets, accommodation or transportation because we do that for you!

To make sense of how the entire process works, you can check our step by step guide here. 


Your accommodation is located in the very city center of Belgrade, just next to the main pedestrian area Knez Mihajlova street and the Republic Square. You are just few steps away from most famous sightseeing spots of the city, museums, bars, restaurants and shops. You can choose your breakfast from the menu and order other dishes during the day with specific needs as our patient. In your room you have free Wi-Fi, a coffee machine, smart TV with Netflix and a Mini-bar.

We do not ask for the total value of your treatment plan to be paid in advance. To make a reservation at our clinic, you have to pay 10% of the total amount. For the remaining amount we offer you pay in installments which means that together we can prepare a payment plan that is most convenient for you and your budget. For more detailed information about the payment plan, please ask the consultant you are communicating with or contact us here. CONTACT

We offer two methods of payment Wire transfer and cash.

Yes, when signing the Contract, you are singing with a licensed company that has insurance in case of insolvency. Basically, you are completely covered that what is stated in the contract will be fulfilled.
Yes, all of our team staff is fluent in English. People in our team speak Italian, German, Spanish, Greek and French. If we don’t manage to speak your language fluently, we will organize a translator for you. As for the city of Belgrade you will have no difficulties getting around because everyone speaks English.
We provide complimentary airport transfers with a luxury vehicle for every visit you make to Belgrade for treatments. We meet you upon your arrival at Nikola Tesla airport. You will be greeted by our host and she will take you to your accommodation to check-in. The transport is organized for your appointments at the clinic as well.
Our accommodation is located in the city center of Belgrade, very close to the main pedestrian area Knez Mihajlova Street and the Republic Square. It is a 20 minute drive from the airport. Every time you go to the clinic and back you have organized transport.
Belgrade is a vibrant city with lots to see and do. To help you make the most of your time in Belgrade our lovely host and staff from the hotel will give you all the recommendations and information about the sightseeing.
Most of our clients come from the UK, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany on a daily basis. We have clients coming from all over Europe like Italy, Spain, Greece, Scandinavian countries and others.

You can check more about our dental treatments and services here

An implant is an artificial tooth root which is surgically inserted into the jawbone. It is used to hold a prosthetic tooth or series of teeth in place. In this way, dental implants function in a similar way to a natural tooth root. Many people use the term ‘implant’ to mean the entire replacement tooth, but it actually only refers to the part inserted into the bone. After the implant is placed then the crown is attached (replacement tooth) via an abutment.

Teeth implants may be used in cases where the patient has had an accident or medical condition which has caused them to lose one or more of their teeth. Other people choose to have implants for purely cosmetic reasons.

The result is artificial teeth which look, feel and function just like natural teeth.
In order to be a good candidate for a dental implant, the patient should have strong, healthy gums and a jawbone that is capable of supporting the new root. Patients who have underlying  oral health problems like gingivitis  or who have experienced  bone loss due to a tooth abscess  may not be suitable for dental implant surgery. However, in many cases it’s possible to carry out a bone graft to strengthen the jawbone before dental implants are inserted.
The complete procedure with dental implants is fitted in 2 stages. First, the implant itself is inserted into the jaw bone and the gum tissue is stitched back over the site. It takes 3 to 4 months for this to settle and fuse with the bone. In the same visit you get temporary crowns so you can eat, talk and live normally back home during the healing period of a few months. In the next visit, the abutment is installed and you get a permanent crown to cover it. The manufacturing usually takes a few days, during which you can enjoy a mini break in Belgrade.
No. An effective local anesthetic is used during the surgery so that you do not have any discomfort during the placement of the implants. Implant surgery is serious but it is not major surgery. It’s likely you’ll feel some discomfort in the days after as you recover. Your mouth may be sore at the implant site and you’ll need to be careful what you eat.

Following the procedure you will be provided with a post-surgical pack containing pain killer medication for your comfort and post-surgery instructions for oral hygiene to help you avoid any infections. You will not be flying home on the same day as your surgery and will be re-examined by your doctor the following day.

Once the process is complete and your mouth has fully healed, your implant should feel just like a normal tooth and you can forget it’s even there.
It’s normal to experience some soreness, bruising, swelling and/or light bleeding immediately after having a tooth implant placed. Your dentist will give you medication to help manage any pain, and these symptoms should improve within a couple of days while you are still in Belgrade.

Give yourself a couple of days to rest so your body can recover properly. You might not be able to eat normally for a while. Dentists usually advise that you eat on the opposite side of your mouth or avoid certain hard or chewy foods for a few days after each surgery, to allow time for your dental implants to settle.
It’s likely your dentist will tell you to restrict what you eat after dental implant surgery while the implant site recovers. Smooth soups, fruit juices and smoothies will help you get through this period. If you’re limited to soft foods, try mashed potato, scrambled egg, avocado, banana, yoghurt and ice cream. If your implant is on one side, try to eat on the other side until your gum has healed.
All-On-4 and All-On-6 are dental techniques where the upper or lower set of teeth is replaced with a full set of crowns supported on four or six implants. 
With All-On-4, the four implants act as a support mechanism for the placement of a new set of fixed teeth. This involves placing two front area vertical implants and two back area angled implants. Thanks to angled implants, stable prosthetic force distribution can be provided.
The All-On-6 dental technique provides a stronger base for the prosthetic dental arch, resulting in higher stability. Six implants are positioned in the lower or upper jawbone to anchor prosthetic teeth in place permanently. This method is ideal for patients who have broad smiles.

Our support team is available for you at any time to provide you with all the necessary information and answer plenty of your questions. So, feel free to contact us for more information here. You can always call us, e-mail us, or text us on Viber or WhatsApp. CONTACT

 Also, if it would be helpful, we can always connect you with some of our previous clients that live close to you. Get in touch with us for more information.

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