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Your new life begins with a confident smile!

1. Contact us !

You are welcome to get in touch with us via email, Phone call, WhatsApp or Viber!

After you have contacted us and scheduled your call, you will be referred to one of our professional staff, who, will contact you by phone.

2. Get your Quote !

During a brief phone call, we will examine your needs while focusing on what you wish to achieve. In order to begin the dental diagnostic and commence the treatment one day after your arrival, our consultant will schedule an appointment for you at a precise time. After the phone conversation, you will be kindly asked to send a copy of your panoramic X-ray image and your current dental image. Once we receive the required material, it is immediately forwarded to our team of doctors who are expert specialists for evaluation and assessment of this degree. After your dental treatment plan is prepared by our team of professionals, you will receive an offer that includes free accommodation & city transfers.

3. Travel to Belgrade !

Upon your arrival, our dedicated hosts will greet you at the airport in a luxurious vehicle, ensuring your smooth transition to our clinic. Throughout your stay, they’ll be at your service, escorting you to and from the clinic as needed. Our attentive hosts go beyond transportation – they’ll curate your entire trip, arranging reservations at the finest restaurants, bars, and more. Fluent in multiple languages, they’ll make communication effortless.

4. Start Treatment !

Upon your arrival we will take you to the clinic for your first appointment and to meet your assigned doctor and staff . We will start with a Panoramic X-Ray or CBCT (3D) scan (if your treatment includes implants). Afterwards, depending on your case, we will begin with treatment on the same day or the following day. During the rest of your stay we will follow up with finishing the prosthetic work and doing more check-ups.

5. Enjoy your Holiday !

Explore Belgrade and all it has to offer! As one of Europe’s oldest cities, located at the crossroads of the East and West, the capital of Serbia is an incredibly rich mosaic of different cultures, influences and styles with a mysterious and exotic atmosphere. European but with oriental influences, Belgrade is a great weekend break, with tons of interesting sights and attractions, splendid architecture, a fast-paced nightlife, great and affordable shopping, as well as a thriving cultural scene.

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